Hello my name is Darren Firth and I’d like to welcome you to SVY (Success Via Yournetbiz).    
I appreciate you taking a peek at my website to learn a little more about me and how I may help you.

obviously you are interested in changing a few things such as maybe becoming your own boss so you don’t have to answer to anybody or maybe increasing your income by which you are the one who dictates how much you earn not by working for someone working to your full potential and not getting the full praise or money you deserve, or maybe you just want a decent second income.

Well let me tell you can stop looking and start changing things right now this might sound allot like a sales pitch but its defiantly not, I own a successful building company and a very successful online business I run the two side by side now if I thought the online business was a waste of time I wouldn’t be writing this and concentrate fully on my building company but since discovering the online marketing world I just can’t leave it alone, anyway have a look at my web site and find out how I do this.


First a little bit about myself…I am happily married to my wife Amanda and have two girls one named Jade who is 11years old and the other is called chloe who is  9, we have two four legged children as well one named duke the other named ollie, I was born in a place called crawley west sussex, but now live in Maldon Essex.

What I Do Now!

I lead a double life not that I have to but through choice, over the last 10 years I have built a successful building company, you might say what has this to do with online marketing which yournetbiz is all about.

I currently earn a really good income from my building business and will continue to do so as long as I keep making sure that the people who work for me are doing a good job and that everything is running smoothly.

Now if I can run a successful building company as well as a successful online business that says something, I am either able to split myself into or one of the businesses is easier to run than the other.
As you can tell I am a little different from other online marketers as I still work in my original job, this is because once yournetbiz is set up it runs on auto pilot, allowing me to have two incomes and what a second income, double what I earn from my building business this giving complete freedom and peace of mind that if the work does dry up I have a complete business already set up that I can push to endless levels of income. Why not do that anyway you might say, because I love building is the simple answer. You might be saying that you don’t have any experience in running a business you don’t need any, it really is that simple I will show you step by step with easy to watch video tutorials, also I will be on the other end of the phone for when you have any questions. Then when you are set up it runs on auto pilot. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have do anything after the set up as this is a business, spending 1-2 hours a day is enough to make sure it is ticking over nicely leaving you to have as much free time and financal freedom as you want, sounds to good to be true beleve me its not!

Have a read of the next section and I will tell you how I do this and how I help other people to do the same, some of the time allot better as after they leave there current job they expand the business to unlimited levels. 


Stay With Me I'm Going To Tell You How I Do This!

Below are some groups that you might fall into

Group #1: You’re new to the internet/home business industry and you’re not sure about where to start. Or maybe you’re tired of mediocre success in your current business of choice, or you’re just tired of doing the same old thing day in day out and have no time for yourself or family earning the same amount of money every week, you might be like me your happy with your current job but want a second income for more security as I said before what a second income.

Group #2: You are someone who ha s a few successful ventures but are tired of being hit and miss most of the time and want to be shown how to do things the right way every time.

Group #3: You already have an online business that is doing quite well but not quite cutting it and feel like sometimes you are going round in circles getting to the point of being burnt out.
Well get ready to stop going round in circles this is the answer.

 How I done it!

Let me tell you a little about my history and how I got here today.

When I left school I wanted to be in the music industry so I found myself a place at a music college and hay presto studied music for three years, this was great I had a band was gigging In the evenings and on weekends earning a little money and hoping that someday I would have a break and make more money so I could live a life doing something that I loved, well not everything works out like that as you already problem now yourself, but life would be boring if everything went to plan.

This is when I met my wife to be Amanda, at the time I was living in a place called Worthing and she lived in a place called Romford we met through a friend of mine if you Know you maps you will Know that Worthing and Romford are miles apart and long distance relationships don’t usually work this one did, so after being with Amanda for 2 years we moved in together living in a place called Hornchurch, because I had to leave my band behind life now took a drastic turn I had to get a full time job and keep up with the bills.

So I got a job on the local council as a housing maintenance officer this involved going round houses and flats looking at jobs and getting in quotes for people to do the work, this opened my eyes up to the building trade and I wanted more so I enrolled to a college for the second time in my life and trained to become a carpenter, half way through the course I left the council and got myself a job as a solid wood floor layer this was ok but not the sort of carpentry I wanted to do.

After the course was over I managed to get a job as a carpenter on site with a good friend of mine, we worked together for about a year and decided to start a company up of our own, starting a company up was hard work getting the leads looking at the jobs pricing and then doing the work, all at a time when I had my first little girl Jade so the pressure was really on but we got through it.

Two years later and we had our second girl Chloe now carpentry was ok for money but now I had another little girl I needed more money so we branched out into building and carpentry this was hard at first getting people who you could trust to do a good job for you but we eventually formed a really good team thing went from strength to strength then boom we hit a flat spot this was hard for me and my partner Mark as we both had a house, mortgage bills e.c.t after a while it seemed inevitable that  Mark and me had to split as we couldn’t get by on the money we were earning so mark got a job with his next door neighbor as a contracts manager and I carried on with the business.

After a what seem like forever things started to really pick back up and I was right back on track
And things have been the same ever since.
This is why I looked into a second business for back up little did I know what a gold mine I would find.

I will tell you that before i joined yournetbiz I did try some other systems which nearly put me of internet marketing for good, I would sit there watching or reading what they had to say and just pull my hair out and when I tried to talk to someone about a question I had It was like trying to get in touch with the prime minister  so when I stumbled upon this system I was very hesitant to join but I am glad I did and that’s putting it lightly.    

The Steps I Took

1. I found out what the business was all about and what it can do for me the business being yournetbiz and the Turnkey marketing group. 

2. I found a mentor a mentor is someone like me who will show you the way to making serious money online step by step.

3. Once I had done my research it took the leap and joined and started learning straight away.

4. I would study 2-3 hours a day in the evening when I got home from work and implementing each and every step once I under stood it believe me as I have said before I am no expert on the computer but the steps were so easy things you probable are doing right now but aren’t using them in the right way.

5. at first there was a lot of work to set up but I took my time got any questions I had answered and put them to use, what you have got to remember is this isn’t a race it’s a marathon don’t expect thing to happen overnight this is a proper business not a get rich quick scheme.

6. It took me about three months before I started to see any really good returns but when it happened it kind of snowballed, so I returned some of the money back into the business and started new ventures up this leading to more income, every time I wanted I would pick something I liked or saw a gap in the market for and market it and make money it really is that simple when you know how. This all being automated meaning doing all the work for you while you live a fantastic life.




How I Will Help You.

1. Once you join I will guide you step by step through the set up process this is the boring bit but one of the most important this consists of setting up your payment methods so you can get paid setting up your back office and turnkey marketing system.

2.You will then start learning don’t panic some of it might seem a bit over powering at first but it will all come together in the end.

3. Once you have learnt the basic steps you will start to implement them at your own pace don’t rush like I said before it’s not a race and I am there to help you on any questions you might have.

4. After you have got the basics down to a tee we can them move forward to the next step to increase your income making your system more automated and less time consuming for you.

It all sound easy well it is you watch you learn you take your time ask questions you implement just like that, at first the methods that you will be using to generate money will be free methods this means leveraging the internet using systems that don’t cost money, this is the best way to start as the money you will earn at first will be put back in to triple your efforts this tripling your income.



Truth Report


Don’t just take my word for it have a read of some of the people who are using the system as well or click on one of the images and go to the yournetbiz testimonial page to watch and read other peoples testimonials if not scroll to the bottom of the page and give me a ring and we can have a chat about how we are going to change your life.


Lee & Michelle
Lee and I (Michelle) both joined Darren and yournetbiz for the sole reason we like travelling and from what we were being told the yournetbiz system when set up runs itself on autopilot, at first this all seemed to good to be true but after talking to Darren explaining to us the whole process and what was involved we joined up, with all the help and guidance you get from Darren yournetbiz and the turnkey group you really can’t go wrong, we are now well on our way to financial freedom and having time on our hands to do the things we love. Thank you Darren and his team.


I recently joined yournetbiz as I was looking for a way of increasing my income, I already work from home and thought this seemed like the right solution, after talking to Darren about the steps I would be taking and him telling me about how he manages to run a building company alongside an profitable online business I was hooked, much to my pleasure I was right with the complete set up days training and the products you are given as long as you put the effort in you can’t go wrong thanks so much Darren and yournetbiz. Arthur.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read my web page I tried to keep it as short as possible I hope you found a few things of interest and you know a little more about me if you want to find out more about the yournetbiz and becoming a member don’t hesitate to contact me by phone, email even text whatever you like or if you haven’t already done so click the link below to go to the tour pages this will give you a even better insight on how things work maybe then if you have any questions contact me once again thanks for taking the time out and I hope to talk to you soon.


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