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Welcome to the YOURNETBIZ page the information I am about to give you will give an insight to what to expect from the company, also what I am going to do for you from the point of joining to the point of you making money.

After reading this don’t forget to take advantage of the free marking course and report  also other free marketing tools that you can use just by entering your first name and email into the optin box.

Please do take the time to read this as at the end I am going to give you something that in the online world is invaluable and if I had this from the time I started marketing I would of got to this point allot quicker.

Right let’s get started!

 Let’s start at the beginning seven months age now I looked at getting myself a second income this lead me to a place I didn’t know much about the online world of marketing.

If you have been looking around on the net for money making products you will have noticed how many there are the list seems endless but I thought if I am going to do this I am going to have to buy some of these products and start applying there principles so I did just that each product I brought promising me online wealth and freedom of time but all I found was each product leading me to another product, now don’t get me wrong most of the products I tried did give me some good ways of marketing and did make me some money just not the amount I was lead to believe I was going to be earning, this was making me very disheartened as when I started online marketing I was so ready to start making money straight away this left me deflated and almost giving up but I knew  how profitable the online world could be only with the right tutoring.

Then the inevitable the big then you knew it was coming I found YOURNETBIZ at first I was sceptical and so you should be as there are allot of products and teaching platforms out there that promise to deliver but don’t .

Well let me tell you this one works.

 I found a mentor I felt combatable with and one that i could relate to took a deep breath and joined as a platinum member.
Girl Studying

What Happens When You Join!

When you join you are given access to two training  platforms the first is YOURNETBIZ back office here you will find thing such as the media volt were all your training video tutorials are teaching you from the bottom 101 to the top on becoming a top class internet marketer nearly all theses techniques are free methods believe it or not this web site hasn’t cost me a penny only on the electricity and my time.

Then there is the products library witch most people when they ring me are interested in and they have good reason to be this is where all your products are stored depending on what package you brought into each product has its own web site from lead capture pages to thank you pages all you have to do is supply a domain name and upload it to a hosting account then push as much traffic to it with the methods you are thought it really is that simple you study, learn implement and earn money from your efforts all this is thought to you form the bottom up so don’t worry if you aren’t very technical I wasn’t at all when I first started most people aren’t when they join but by the end you would think they have been doing marketing for years the system and teaching from me really is that good.

Then there is the your retail centre this is a web site that is hosted for you with its own domain names that you can push traffic to, you can add products from your product library and believe me there are plenty to chose from and there are new one being installed all the time.

This really is a no brainer as all the time you have all these sites and products set up for you earning you money you are learning to become an internet marketer.

Now don’t get me Wrong you won’t make money straight away and any one that tells you they made their first sale in the first couple of days or weeks don’t believe it they are doing one of two things either they have been marketing for a while before they brought the system or they are just plain lying.


The art of this system is teach you and give you a head start with the product and retail set up these aren’t the only things you are given to sell oh and I almost forgot a bit of an over site to say the least all the products in the products library aren’t just there for you to sell you can also down load them.



This is THE TURNKEY GROUP this to has a fantastic library of training videos also training webinars

That if you miss them you can watch them any time as they are all recorded so you can see them at your leisure.

This platform also has products to sell and download to use, one of my favourite parts of THE TURNKEY GROUP is the inner circle were you can talk to people who are at low to high levels of YOURNETBIZ this is done by forums , live chat or messages.

There really is too much to list for both of the platforms so I won’t go on to much if you want to know any more have a look at the tour and give me a ring with your questions there really is no pressure as I don’t do hard sale I have learnt over the years from owning a building company that this doesn’t work also I don’t like it being done to me a and it’s not in me to do this I like to make this clear as allot of people think that when they ring they are going to get someone who they can’t get off the phone from, all you will get is me answering your questions and telling you exactly what you want to know.

The TURNKEY MARKETING GROUP ha s a 4 step system which is Completely FREE you get this included in your training with the YOUNETBIZ package but you can try it for FREE give it a try.
4 Step System

 Let’s talk about the support I am going to give you on your way to financial freedom and being able to take full control of your life taking back any self esteem that has been lost through working for someone that really doesn’t appreciate you. I just needed to say that as this is what the two systems and I can give you.

After joining the only thing I ask you to do at first is set yourself a schedule or an hour to an hour and a half a night or even whenever you can to go through the entire two systems all the videos all the set up and make notes as you go you will find by the end your notes list will be allot smaller than from when you started but you will have questions.

Once you are at this point you will contact me.

Now going through the two systems will take a bit of time don’t panic “the best things come to those who wait” rushing things and skipping videos is of no benefit to you, everything you need to know is right there this doesn’t mean you can’t ring me with questions but this is how I done it and it works.

Don’t worry it doesn’t take that long to learn!

Tony Robbins - Frank Kern And John Reese Interview

 Top internet marketers speak to top motivational coach Tony Robbins about getting people to trust then to take the step towards marketing online this isn’t the full video as that is about 23 minutes long but this will give you a insight into what they are getting at have a peek.



This is exclusive to platinum members only I will give you whole days set up and training for FREE

I will answer any questions and leave you at the end of the day with a schedule to show you how to implement the techniques you have learnt, the right way in which to apply them and in the right order so you can start making money.

This is invaluable as some people charge hundreds to thousands of pounds to give these sorts of days training.

The reason why I am doing this is because I want my team members and once you are onboard

Your team members the best start and to be making money as soon as possible I said before I wish someone had given this to me as it would of saved allot of time and stress in the beginning but they didn’t so I want to give this to you as I know how it is when you need to get questions answered and have someone tell me the exact methods on how to implement things.

It doesn’t stop there you can ring me at any time to ask any more questions I will be from time to time sending you emails and ringing you to see how you are doing.

I don’t know of many if any other mentors that do this the only reason I can think of is because they like to keep their time free or only like trading there time for money.

Anyway give me a ring drop me an email opt into my free marketing tour request a call back and ask away you really don’t have anything to lose just by doing this.



TEL 07949413106
Email: contact@success-via-the-net.com

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