Online video has been around for over five years. However, there has been a recent push to get more and more people involved in marketing through online video. Video marketing is best done through online video sharing websites. Youtube, Revver, and Meta Cafe are all excellent places to share videos.

While online video might seem like something that is easy enough to do, it can be difficult. Many people who start out with video marketing find it too confusing to understand and give up. Here are five tips that you can use to make sure that you succeed in your marketing efforts.


Don’t forget before you start have a practice so you don’t get lost half way through make sure you have an opening with who you are what the video is about and what you are going to give them from the video, right here are some other good tips to get you noticed.

The first tip that you should use in your video marketing is to keep it simple. People love being able to just watch and not think. Give them the information simply.

A second tip that you should use in your video marketing is to shock and wow. While people love the information being presented simply, they also love a lot of visual effects and bright colours. Dazzle their eyes with the information!

Thirdly, this tip is something that you should always use in your video marketing, is to include a link to your website in the video. How are people going to know where to find more about you without a link? If you cannot include it within the video itself, include it in the description next to it, as many people do in Youtube.

Fourth you should always try to upload your video to as many video sharing sites as possible. The more sites you upload it to, or distribute it to, the more traffic you will have flowing to your videos and to your website.

Fifthly, have fun! Videos should be fun, and exciting. There is nothing more boring than watching a thirty second video that just tells me the message. Get creative, but still make sure to get the message across. You can do it!

Video marketing is able to attract so many more people. There are trillions of indexed web pages out there. However, there are only billions of videos. With a correctly marketed video that is genuinely unique, you have the possibility of hitting it off big! Do not wait around to get involved in video marketing, market your product or service with videos today!


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great post I love this sort of information thanks

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I had no idea how powerful Utube could be, nice one thanks.


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