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  Blog sites were created for many reasons and you can create as many as you want. I have two blogs, one for my writing exploits, the other for my affiliate business and my products that I sell on a regular basis. I use SEO strategies for my niche marketing products so that I can get high ranking on the search engines to lure more traffic to my site thus more potential profit. I have 5 tips on blogging to get your website ranked high on the search engines. Follow these and you should have no trouble turning profit.

1. Linking

You need to have a blog that have links coming into as many pages as possible that has unique written articles that serve your products and services. You will be able to tell if this is true by the number of visitors that search not only your home page but the other pages of your website looking for your great content. Using long tailed words in your keywords will get users to come look over your site for decent content that will be useful to them and will help you sell your product and services in the long run.

2. Internal Linking

By using link exchanges you will not only get links to your inside pages from other blobs and websites, but you can link to your pages inside your blog. When visitors click your link in your content it will not only keep them on the site longer, but also allow Google's content spider to index your blog at a better rate. It will also let me pick the anchor content for the link to the internal page. That then will let me rank the keywords I am shooting for.

3. Article Exchange

Article exchanges allow you to trade articles with other blogs or websites. If you trade with similar blogs or websites that have the same product or service in mind then that is very useful to you. You now have fresh content on your blog from another website of similar products or services. For example if you advertise for a travel agency and you obtain content for your blog from another travel agency website or blog then you will improve your ranking because of the new fresh unique content. This is very advantageous for you and it is a very simple process.

4. Write Your Key Search Terms In Text

Type out your long tailed keyword and maybe include a keyword description to go along with your text title. When the search engines are crawling your site this will make it more attractive and rank high with Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

5. Article Directories

Article directories allow other websites to take your articles you have written for them for free. This allows you not only free advertising on their websites but also further advances your ranking in the search engines by creating back links to your blog or website. This is really about making it easier for search engines to find your site. The more users on your site the better chances for you to make a buck.


these are 5 great tips that will increase your chances of advancing to the first page on the search engines. They are very sound and grounded strategies that when used properly will get your products and services seen on a regular basis. You will then have a great chance of being rewarded for your hard work with great sales and more profit. See you at the top.


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We use articles these are great tips keep them comming thanks.


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