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Successful Internet marketing uses many different aspects of Internet advertising, website construction, as well as what is commonly known as 'social networking'. The successful combination of these three components will maximize your connection with visitors to your website.

1. Great content is a key requirement for successful Internet marketing. If your content isn't well written, with quality relevant information, your site won't hold their attention, and they will leave. Because getting them there is the hardest part, make sure they will want to explore your website, and just as important, that they will want to return to your site, AND recommend your site to friends, family, and their online community friends.

2. The proper usage of search optimization engines (SEO) means effectively choosing key words for the title and description of your website. Clever names in the title of your website will be missed by search engines that only look to match words.

3. Placing keywords in the right strategic locations will help search engines find your site. Keywords should be placed: in the title, in headings and subheadings, and in the first paragraph of content

4. The website layout must be user friendly and effective. Links within your website should be in HTML code. JavaScript and Flash don't consistently work well with search engines, and could cause some of your web site's content to be missed by search engines. Utilizing these features within your site is great, but not as links to content within your site. A site map page with links to all your pages will help visitors navigate easily, and help search engines to find you.

5. Fine tuning your keywords, and bettering your ranking with the search engines is an evolving process. This can be done by trial and error, with specialized software, or it can be outsourced to professional SEO specialists.

6. Submit your site to the various directories that are available. There may be a specialized directory for your industry and there are local directories for most cities.

7. Offer contests, give-a-ways, and drawings as a way to gain potential customer contact information.

8. Utilizing e-mail is an easy way to advertise. E-mail can be utilized repeatedly to remind people about your site. Newsletters on a regular basis are a great excuse to contact potential customers without 'spamming' them (which could hurt your site rather than help)

9. Writing an online column, or offering an article for an online newsletter in exchange for having your business information and links displayed along with the article can increase your visibility.

10. Twitter and Facebook are tools whereby potential customers can get to know you, and then recommend your business to other network friends. Online communities require time to cultivate, as you could damage your reputation if you only participate to advertise rather than socialize.

11. Social bookmarking communities share information about good websites and stories that they think others in their 'community' would like to read. Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn are examples of popular bookmarking sites. The more people talk about your site, the more exposure you will have, more opportunities to impress potential customers.

12. Last, but not least, is the 'old fashioned' ways of attracting business. Advertising in papers, magazines, and television hasn't changed much, but make sure that your website information is included, and prominently placed. Printed business cards, stationary, brochures, and company literature still have a place in most industries. Make certain that your company's website, and email contacts are accurately printed on anything you circulate.


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